"This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Pumpkins Scream in the Dead of Night"

Welcome to Our Halloween Page for 2023. This year I did an homage to the Nightmare Before Christmas movie with a female reggae version of the classic song "This is Halloween".  The giant pumpkin and her backup singers belt out the tune. Additionally, we did a tribute to the Great Jimmy Buffet.


We created a graveyard on the right side and left side of the walkway. A couple of skulls pop up from behind some tombstones. We brought back the tilting and rocking tombstones and the Billy Butcherson (Hocus Pocus) tombstone. The Three Rising Light-up Pumpkins and the Creature in the Coffin returned this year. The creature now has a Requiem Bell to ring to let the Trick-or-Treaters know of his plight. A spooky moving eyeball looks down from above at the unsuspecting Trick-or-Treaters. The Spider still travels his web from top to bottom. This year the Green Monster is playing the part of Jimmy Buffet, and is hanging out on the rocking chairs on the front porch along with a parrot and a skeleton friend. We continued the pumpkin patch on the left of the walkway.  It has lots of pumpkins displayed that were carved by family and friends. Additionally Stabby McStabby the Skeleton is chopping up pumpkins. Another Skeleton is replacing his own head with a freshly carved pumpkin head! Background music, Black lights, and Halloween lights add to the ambiance.


It takes lots of lights, lots of  pneumatics, lots of cylinders, lots of extension cords, amplifiers and speaker sets, and time to create the show. The show is run by a  Light-O-Rama 24-channel control system. Rach did the LOR programming. Check out the pictures and videos below. Thanks to my little helper for giving me a hand this year.

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Front of Our House.

The Singing Pumpkin and her Backup Singers.

Puking Fruit Pumpkin.

Frankenstein Tamale Pie.

Pumpkin Shaped Dinner Rolls.

The Pumpkin Patch at Night.

Fun Family Carved Pumpkins.

Pumpkin Frog on a Lilly Pad.

The Walkway Graveyard and Stabby McStabby.

Creature in his coffin and the Requiem Bell.

MMM Pumpkin Shaped Cake.

Pirate, Witch, and The Spider.

Green Monster and Friends.

Spider Shapped Bread with Marinara Dipping Sauce.

Skeleton Swapping his Head for a Pumpkin head!


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Click Here for the 2023 "This is Halloween" Show Video



More Family Carved and Stabby McStabby Carved Pumpkins.


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Click Here for the 2023 Walkway Tour


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