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Welcome to Our Halloween Page for 2021. I've been wanting to do a "It's a Small Zombie World After All" Halloween display for a while. I made six pairs of Zombie kids all dressed in costumes, and are all playing with their food! Some raise their arms to bring body parts to their face, some move the body parts from side-to-side like eating corn on the cob (we called this leg-on-a cob), some lift the body parts up to present them to the Trick-or-Treaters, some just sway from side-to-side, and others do the Can-Can! The countries/regions/peoples represented are: Mexico, China, Japan, Russia, Native American, Africa. Note the word "Brains" on the signs below the Zombie kids in their native languages. Thanks to Skippy for his fantastic zombie heads. Also, a special thanks to my niece and her family for the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) Zombie Goat ever made. He is located on the roof overhead as the Trick-or Treaters come up onto the porch. A spotlight shows him off. The goat is a homage to the goats on the hill-tops in the original ride.


The pumpkin man sings a Death Metal version of "It's a Small World After All" while the Zombie kids do their thing. This excellent original song version was recorded by my nephew Zach and his band. Thank you guys! There are a couple of Skeletons stuck on a rocking Small World boat while a projected video of the ride is playing for them to "Enjoy".       

We created a graveyard on the right side of the walkway. A couple of body parts pop up from behind some tombstones. We brought back the tilting and rocking tombstones and the Billy Butcherson (Hocus Pocus) tombstone.  The Three Rising Light-up Pumpkins and the Creature in the Coffin returned this year. The Spider still travels his web from top to bottom. This year the Green Monster is caught in the spider web.  Black lights add ambiance, Halloween lights and carved pumpkins add to the festivities.      

It takes lots of string lights, lots of  pneumatics (two compressors), lots of cylinders, lots of relays, lots of extension cords, multiple amplifiers and speaker sets, and lots and lots of time to create the show. The show is run by a  Light-O-Rama 24-channel control system. Rach did the LOR programming. Check out the pictures and videos below.

There are YouTube links to different portions of the display and show below. 

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Front of Our House Day.

Front of Our House Night.

Creepy SolidWorks Model of the Zombie Armatures..

Zombie Kids Enjoying a Snack.

Original Sketch of the Goat.

Finished Zombie Goat.

Last Minute Pumpkin Carving.

Our Pumpkins on Display at Night..

Stuffed Pumpkin Bell Pepper.

Walkway Graveyard..

Making Bat Shaped Cake Pops.

Finished Bat Cake Pops with Oreo Wings.

Green Monster Stuck in Spider Web.

Arm Guitar Playing Zombie.


Small Zombie World Sign and Singing Pumpkin Man.


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Click Here for Night Show Tour 2021 Video

Click Here for Goat In-Process Video

Click Here for Skeletons in Small World Boat Video



Skeletons on a Small World Boat "Enjoying" the Ride.


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Click Here for In-process Armature Build Video

Click Here for Finished Armatures Video

Click here for Arm Guitar Playing Zombie Video


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