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Welcome to Our Halloween Page for 2018. I'd never built a guillotine before, so that's what I did this year. Green Monster gets the honors of pulling the handle. I did some animation projections this year also: the guillotine pumpkin, and three pumpkins in front of the garage. I bought the animations from atmosfx.com. Those folks are great. I also thought we'd lighten the mood with some jokes. So, Pumpkin Man (Voiced by Skippy) sets up some jokes, and the talking Skull (Voiced by Reid) delivers the punch line. We brought back the graveyard with tilting and rocking tombstones as well as some Creepy Dolls/Toys popping up from behind a couple of tombstones. I gave the Three Rising Light-up Pumpkins and the Creature in the Coffin the year off. The Spider still travels his web from top to bottom, black lights add ambiance, Halloween lights and carved pumpkins add to the festivities. JM donated some great creepy clown masks to adorn the skeletons in the rocking chairs and in the graveyard.      

It takes lots of string lights, lots of  pneumatics, lots of cylinders, lots of relays, lots of extension cords, and lots and lots of time to create the show. The show is run by a  Light-O-Rama 24-channel control system. Check out the pictures and videos below.

There are YouTube links to different portions of the display and show below. 

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Front of our House.

Front of the Garage.

Building the display in the shop.

Guys from the shop helping to set things up.

Creepy Skeleton Clowns.

Creepy doll (sorry Susan) and Creepy Skeleton Clown.

Graveyard, talking Pumpkin, and talking Skull.

Rob (me) and Tim!.

Green Monster and the Guillotine Pumpkin.

The Whole Guillotine (13 feet tall).

My Dad's Halloween Costume from about 1945.

Sherrie Giving out Candy.

Rachel's Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern.



Yummy Mummy Meatloaf!



Will's Pumpkin.

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Click Here for a Tour of the Display Video

Click Here for Three Pumpkins Video


Rob's Pumpkin.

Click Here for First Set of Jokes Video

 Click Here for Second Set of Jokes Video

Click Here for Guillotine Video

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