Hello All,

Welcome to Our Halloween Page for 2017. This year I downsized the show a little. We built a graveyard with tilting and rocking tombstones as well as some "Pop Up Pizza Monsters" popping up from behind a couple of tombstones (Tombstone Pizza, get it!) Additionally the creature is still trying to get out of his coffin. I also went a little macabre this year and included a Hanging Skeleton. I've been wanting to use some theatrical scrim for a while, so this seemed like a good opportunity. Three Pumpkins rise up and light up, the Spider travels his web from top to bottom, black lights add ambiance, Halloween lights and carved pumpkins add to the festivities. A new tradition has begun; it is the depiction of a recently passed celebrity by our Skeleton and Green Monster sitting on the porch under the spider.

This year's music was Harvest Dance by Mannheim Steamroller.      

It takes lots of string lights, lots of  pneumatics, lots of cylinders, lots of relays, lots of extension cords, and lots and lots of time to create the show. The show is run by a  Light-O-Rama 24-channel control system and a second Light-O-Rama 8-channel control system. Check out the pictures and videos below.

Below there is a YouTube link to both the daytime and nighttime show.

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Front of our House.

Front of our House at Night.

Nightmare Photo Opportunity Inflatable.


Graveyard at Night.

Hugh, Spider, and Green Monster After dark.

Our Pumpkins and Bonefish Sketches.

What it Takes to Makes it Work.

One Creepy Clown.

Sellar's Cellar.

New Mickey Door Hanger.

Hugh and Friends.

Hey, Where Did I Put That Tape?



MMMM Cupcakes.



Bunny Pumpkin.

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Click Here for Daytime Show Video

Click Here for Nighttime Show Video


Lots of Pumpkins.



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