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Welcome to Our Halloween Page for 2013. How about Zombies versus Skeletons? The Skeleton wins; he has a Bazooka! The Zombie inconspicuously rises up (Arrows, Zombie Sign, Spot Light, and "Thriller".) The smoke filled Skeleton coffin opens, the Skeleton rises up, raises his bazooka, and dispatches the Zombie. A push button station is positioned so that the the Trick-or-Treat folks can start the show themselves. Lots of rope lights, lots of  pneumatics, lots and lots of extension cords. The show is run by a  Light-O-Rama 24-channel control system. An A/B plc drives the Walkway show (which also uses pneumatics). Optical sensors are used to trigger the Walkway show. Check out the pictures and videos below.

There are both daytime and nighttime videos of the show. There are also videos of the smoke filled bubble maker and pumpkin cake. No video of the walkway show; just check out the 2012 Halloween website for the video. It consists of  Ghosts lighting up and popping up from behind Tomb Stones, Creature trying to escape from the coffin, Three pumpkins rising up and lighting up, the Rocking Chairs with Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton, and Jr. are lit up and rocking, the Raven flaps his wings, tilts forwards and backwards, and rotates his head, the Spider travels his web from top to bottom, and black lights adds ambiance, Halloween lights and carved pumpkins add to the festivities, and of course Disney's "Grim Grinning Ghosts" Haunted Mansion Theme Song is playing in the background.

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Front of our house.

Front of house; lots of wires.

Army Skeletons.

Grandma & Grandpa F.

Decorated Forest Stump Cake.

Chocolate Brownie Bat.

Decorated Pumpkin Cake..

Will and Dead Head Fred.


Carving Pumpkins.

Will's Pumpkin.

Skeleton Coffin.

Rob & Will's Pumpkins.

Skeleton in Coffin.

Click Here for Bazooka Skeleton Daytime Video

Click Here for Bazooka Skeleton Nighttime Video


Skeleton Lift Mechanism.

Click Here for Smoke Filled Bubbles Video

Click Here for Pumpkin Cake Video



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