Hello All,

Welcome to My Halloween Page for 2006. We've decided to do things a little different from now on. It was finally starting to get out of hand. We decided that we would bring back a lot of our old Halloween favorites, and in addition to these we are then going to add a new feature to be used for one year only. Build it, use it one year, and then tear it apart to be used for the next years feature. The new feature this year is the Pumpkin Cannon (it's way cool.) We received many compliments for this one.

If  any of you Automation types want to contribute to the cause, I'll let you.


The videos at the bottom will show the stuff actually moving: The cannon "Shoots" a pumpkin across the street. Note the "Splat Pumpkin" on my very understanding neighbor's s house. We  still have the Raven. He flaps his wings, tilts forward and backward, rotates his head, and his eyes flash red, Ghosts light up and pop up, Creature tries to escape from the coffin, Three pumpkins rise up and light up (The Pumpkin Dance), The rocking chairs are lit up and rock. Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton, and Jr. are rocking and greeting guests. The spider travels his web from top to bottom, The fog machine adds ambiance, Lights and pumpkins add to the festivities, and of course Disney's "Grim Grinning Ghosts" Haunted Mansion Theme Song is playing in the background.


The Pumpkin Cannon. It took five of us to get this onto the roof. Note the loud speaker and spot light.



nd Skeleton Family dressed in there Halloween Finest.


The Creature still hasn't escaped from the Coffin!


The Raven (which everyone kept calling a bat) and Peeping Eyeball Lights.


Skeleton chain along the walkway.


Pop Up Ghosts along the walkway. (Note the mass of wires tied to the gutter)

MMMMMM Pumpkin Cake!

Our Pumpkins (left to right) Victoria's, Rob's, Will's, and Rachel's.

Pumpkin Man and the Traveling Spider

Click Here for Nighttime Cannon Video

Click Here for Daytime Cannon Video


PLC re-mounted and cleaned up. This is what makes it work

Reid's Pumpkin

This Halloween Experience brought to you by the good folks at Hamilton Automation, Inc.    (Oh My!!!)

Click Here for Nighttime House Video

Click Here for Daytime House Video