Hello All,

Welcome to My Halloween Page for 2005. Every Year I plan to add a little more until it gets out of hand, then maybe I'll stop.

If any of you Automation types want to contribute to the cause, I'll let you.


The videos at the bottom will show the stuff actually moving: This year Count Dracula makes his presence known by shaking the bushes before rising up for a visit. We still have the Raven. He flaps his wings, tilts forward and backward, rotates his head, and his eyes flash red, Ghosts light up and pop up, Creature tries to escape from the coffin, Three pumpkins rise up and light up (The Pumpkin Dance), The rocking chairs are lit up and rock. This year Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton, and Jr. are rocking and greeting guests. The spider travels his web from top to bottom, The fog machine adds ambiance, Lights and pumpkins add to the festivities, and of course Disney's "Grim Grinning Ghosts" Haunted Mansion Theme Song is playing in the background.


Our Pumpkins and Gourd: Army Man (left), Witch (middle), and Venemous Cobra with Flashing Red Eyes (right)



nd Skull Chain and Lights along Walkway


View of Spider and The Pumpkin Man


Raven and Various HouseLights


Creature's Coffin with New Headstone


Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton, and Jr.


Count Dracula popping up for a visit.


Click Here for Daytime Video

PLC re-mounted and cleaned up. This is what makes it work

Click Here for Nighttime Video